Historic Hoover Theatre

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Rental Information - Rates & Application

(Rates effective 1/1/2022)

Historic Hoover Studios, Green Room and Courtyard Rental Fees

Studios A/B/C Rental:
Non Profit Clients: $75/4 hours $150/day
For Profit Clients: $100/4 hours $200/day

Dance Studio Rental:
Non Profit Clients: $75/4hours $150/Day
For Profit Clients: $100/4 hours $200/Day

Courtyard & Green Room Rental:
Non Profit Clients: $150/Day
For Profit Clients: $200/Day

Historic Hoover Theatre*

(Includes Box Office, Dressing Rooms, Courtyard and Green Room)

Non Profit Clients: $875/Day - $1850/Week
For Profit Clients: $1000/Day - $2250/Week
*Includes all House Sound and Lights

Limited 6 week (4 hrs/3x/week) rehearsal run leading to theatre rental $900

Staffing Fees*

Security Staff $40/Hour
Technical Director $500/Day
** If Requested by Client

Equipement Rental Fees

Tables $5.00 Each
Skirted Tables $10.00 Each
Easels $5.00 Each
Podium W/MIC $50/Day
Piano (Yamaha U3 Upright) $100/Day - $150 tuning, if required

Application to Rent

Click here for: Application to Rent (PDF)

Please return this request and all supporting materials to:
Historic Hoover Theatre
1635 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

FAX (408) 535-2347

Please be advised that completing and returning an application to rent Historic Hoover Theatre does not constitute a confirmed hold on your date. A hold is confirmed at the time a fully executed Lease Agreement and Facility Rental Deposit have been received by Domus Aurea Facility Management.